Workshopen är den 15 december kl 16-18 på Långsjö teater, Margretedalsvägen 2, Gnesta.  Avgift: 200 kr. Boka senast den 9 december dock är det först till kvarn som gäller och vi har tyvärr inte många platser. Workshopen är på engelska.
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Sometimes it is useful to get out of the way. Sometimes it is useful to put aside our egos and and let go. Sometimes it is useful to allow things to move through us. When we practice this way, unfathomable transformations begin to happen, sometimes out of nowhere, and sometimes by surprise. In this class, we will practice all of this. We will both lie on the floor for untold amounts of time and find ourselves dancing with abandon that will never to want to stop. We will quiet our minds and bodies so that places deep inside of ourselves will begin to loosen and shift. Sourcing from the profound structures of Stephanie Skura’s Open Source Forms, (the rebellious outgrowth of Skinner Releasing), this class furthers the dynamic interplay between imagery, consciousness, releasing, and the unpredictable dynamism and mutability of the unfettered body and mind in motion.

Abby Crain is a San Francisco, CA based dance artist whose work researches the destabilization of time, space, and logic through the use of non-linear,  non-logical, often non-human frameworks for body based performance and movement making. Performance  credits include Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People (2000-2008), and Sara Shelton Mann ( 2010-2017). She has served as faculty at Movement Research NYC,  Mills College, CA, Ponderosa Tanzland, FRESH Festival San Francisco, etc.  Her solo and collaborative work, most recently the gothic epic Snake Talk that she co created with Layton Lachman and Mara Poliak,  has been presented in NY, SF, LA, Portland, Chicago, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and Ireland. She was certified by Stephanie Skura to teach Open Source forms in 2013, and is a student of bio- dynamic cranio-sacral therapy. abby-crain.com.